Make DNA work for you!
WD 40
The Ken Blanchard Co's
First Pacific Bank
Sundt Construction
Chubb & Son
Campbell Soup
Dupont Pharmaceuticals
First American Trust
First Interstate Bank
Hughes Aircraft
IBRD (Biotech)
JSN, Packaging
Warner Brothers
KIMCO Staffing
Add On Health
Newport Meat Company
Caliber Packaging
Right-O-Way Transport
Sara Lee Bakery
Sheraton Corporation
Sunglass Hut
Chaparral Steel
Toyota Motors
Trident Data Systems
Tropitone Furniture
Ventana Venture Funds
Western Digital
As a team leader, what is the time you spend privately with each team member in a given week?
about 30 minutes
about 60 minutes
more than 60 minutes
Gain keen insight and wisdom about yourself and your team.
Increase your confidence in dealing with a diffcult team member.
Turn job stress into positive improvement.
Transform complacent underachievers into passionate overachievers.
Your Behavioral DNA
- How you tend to   behave and why?

- What stresses you out   & why?

Your Decision-Making DNA
- How you normally make   decisions?

- What changes when   you get stressed?

Your Movitation DNA
- What are your   motivational "trigger   points?"

DNA-DNA Relationship Match
- Behavior

- Decision-Making

- Movitation

- Immediate relationship   issue resolution

- Action Planning and   ongoing follow-up

Discover TEAM DNA "Chemistry"
- Behavioral "Chemistry"

- Decision-making   "Chemistry"

- Motivation "Chemistry"

Chemistry "Strengths and Blind/Weak Spots"

Recognition & Response Tools

Specific Do's and Don'ts to Improve Team Chemistry

"Hi-Touch" Cultural DNA, Entire Company
- Impacting the Behavioral   "Culture"

- Impacting the Decision-  making "Culture"

- Impacting the Motivation   "Culture"
Corporate Culture "Strengths and Blind/ Weak Spots"
Recognition and Response Tools
Specific Do's and Don'ts to Maximize Corporate Culture

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